Providing clean sustainable fuel and energy in an environmental friendly and economical profitable way to increase living standard and develop rural areas, remote locations and islands as well as urban areas;

by utilizing decentralized, cost efficient, small to large, high performing but simple operated energy harvesting products as biogas power plants to turn sustainable renewable energy sources like organic waste and by-products into fuel, energy and fertilizer.



to sell, supply and service Energy Harvesting Projects & Products ranging from biogas to solar power plants with focus for application in remote areas and islands to produce fuel, electricity and fertilizer out of local available renewable energy sources as organic material, sun and wind;

to improve living standards of local people, create employment and opportunities for small & medium enterprises;

to consult, train and educate people, clients, communities and organizations in environmental protection and added value utilization of waste and low value organic by-products, energy efficiency, renewable energy concepts and local solutions to save energy, produce fuel, electricity and fertilizer;

to be market leader with focus on Mini Biogas Power Plants and future energy harvesting product lines in SEA;

to create a sustainable, profitable business and an example of strong growth with long term success in the area of renewable energy