Our area of activity has a wide span over all industries and projects dealing with one or a combination of following aspects: Energy, Sustainability and Carbon (Environmental Impact).

ENERBON is independent of any proprietary system, process or technology and is therefore in the position to advice and develop concepts freely even with some view “beyond”. We are utilizing state of the art existing, proven technologies and offer our clients modular solutions, which can be adopted for all necessary applications and projects.



We want to implement as many as possible Energy Harvesting Products in SEA
We will work according international standards
We will work according sustainability criteria, protect the environment and contribute to mitigation of climate change with our products and services
We will engage in local communities and improve living standard, health, create income and employment through our product implementation, operation and education
We will create a WIN-WIN scenario for all stakeholder
We will NOT engage in food versus energy competition

We will make a Difference …